I would like to hear someone’s voice.

Publication for Hyun A Cho’s solo exhibition «I would like to hear someone’s voice», 376pages, ISBN 978-89-94027-70-8, 150*225mm, Cake Gallery, 2017, Published by mediabus. Design: Hyoun Youl Joe, Taeyong Jo

The Empire of Light

A rehearsal book design for «The Empire of Light». Commissioned by National Theater Company of Korea. 136 Pages, ISBN 979-11-85389-29-5, 180*240mm, Glue Binding, 2016. Design: Hyoun Youl Joe, Taeyong Jo.

The Story Factory

Book design for «The Story Factory», the 31th installation group MAGAMNEWS exhibition. 96 Pages, 200*265mm, Saddle stitch Binding, 2016

Manbogaek’s Wander in Seoul

Book design for «Manbogaek’s Wander in Seoul», Documentation book for street artists’ performance and installation works of Magam News, commissioned by Magam News, Seoul Street Arts Creation Center, Glue Binding, 170*235mm, 108Pages, 2016

Jeonju Intl. Film Festival Ticket Catalogue

Ticket catalogue for the 17th Jeonju IFF, Commissioned by Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, Glue Binding, 125*190mm, 160 Pages, 2016

Jeonju Intl. Film Festival Program Book

Program book for the 17th Jeonju IFF, Commissioned by Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, Glue Binding, 164*255mm, 332 Pages, 2016


Publication for CONNECT ONE (NAVER Research and Training institute in Chuncheon), commissioned by NAVER, 200*250mm, 272 Pages, 2016

SeMA Collection 200

Publication for achieving SeMA Collection, Commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art, ISBN 978-89-97849-72-0, PUR Binding, 200*265mm, 446 Pages, 2015


Publication for architecture in Seoul, Korea by Peter Winston Ferretto published by propaganda Press, Case Binding, 340 Pages, ISBN 978-89-98143-30-5 (03610), 125*190mm, 2015

ESSENCE Illustrated Book of Election Fraud

An illustrated book for election fraud in Korea. Edited and published by propaganda Press, Illustrated by Boyeon Choi. Glue Binding, 208 Pages, ISBN 978–89–98143–29–9 (06300), 110*180mm, 2015


Text and Images: Hyun A Cho. Published by Snowman Books. ISBN: 978-89-960662-6-2. 120*190mm, 228(Eng)/132(Kor)Pages, Thread Sewn PUR binding, 2015

Beautiful Japanese Stairs 40

Publication for archiving Japanese stairs documented by Building Mania Cafe(BMC). published by propaganda Press, PUR Binding, 280 Pages, ISBN 978–89–98143–28–2 (03610), 170*245mm, 2015

Everything Sings

Publication for «Everything Sings: Maps for Narrative Atlas by Denis Wood» published by propaganda Press, Case Binding, 162 Pages, ISBN 978–89–98143–26–8 (03980), 200*252mm, 2015


Book, leaflet, invitation card and banner for «Spectrum–Spectrum», a group exhibition of PLATEAU. Commissioned by PLATEAU, Book: Glued binding, 188*245mm, 240 Pages, 2014


Outdoor and culture magazine «BOBODAM», Volume 12–13, Spring 2014, Issue Site: Jeju & Kyushu, Yeonchun & Island, Client: LS Networks, Perfect binding, 212 Pages, 228*290mm, 2014

How to Build a Secret Base

Publication for how to build a secret base. published by propaganda Press, Glued binding, 276 Pages, ISBN 978-89-98143-15-2 (03690), 128*182mm, 2013

70s Magazine Advertisement in Korea

Publication for archiving 70s magazine advertisement in Korea. published by propaganda Press, 664 Pages, ISBN 978-89-98143-13-8 (93320), 172*248mm, Thread Sewn PUR binding, 2013

A Holiday Love

Booklet and postcard for solo exhibition of Sylbee Kim. Project Space Sarubia, Seoul, Litho printing: Greengreem, Saddle stich binding, 145*205mm, 2012

Onggi–Respiring Earth

Book, poster and invitation card for Sulwha Cultural Exhibition organized by Sulwhasoo. 260*370mm, 148 pages, Thread-tie binding, 2012


Outdoor and culture magazine «BOBODAM». Client: LS Networks, Volume 8-11, 228*290mm, Perfect binding, 2013

Graphic #25

Magazine for Graphic #25, «Printing issue»: It introduces several printing office in Korea and printed matters done by Korean graphic designers. published by propaganda Press, Offset print, 230×300mm, 150 pages, 2012

Graphic #23

Magazine for Graphic #23, Objects of inspiration: 45 Korean graphic designers, design educators, design critics were asked to answer the following question: What is your object of inspiration? published by propaganda press, 100 pages, 230*300mm, 2012

Graphic #21

Magazine for Graphic #21, «Archive Monthly DESIGN 1976-2011»: This issue spotlights contents from the 400 issues of the monthly journal Design published since its launch in 1976, a year that came at the very heart of the South Korean industrialization drive in the 1970s. published by propaganda press, 377 pages, 230*300mm, 2012

12 Rooms for 12 Events

Leaflet, book, invitation card, and advertising for group exhibition «SeMA BLUE 2012 : 12 Rooms for 12 Events». Commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art, 150*230mm, 123 Pages, 2012

Paik-abe Video Synthesizer

Publication for «Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer-As Freely as Picasso, as Colorfully, as Renoir». Commissioned by Nam June Paik Art Center, 64 Pages, 175*250mm, 2012

Difference and Repetition

Visual contribution for Umool Umool vol.9 – The rejected, the recycled, the regenerated. Concept and design by Na Kim.

Urban Play

A book, exhibition graphic design for 2011 UNEP-Gwangju Summit on Urban Environmental Accords UNEP Exhibition. Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in city of Gwangju, 245*375mm, Saddle stich binding, 2011

The New Epicenter

A book series design for inaugural exhibition The New Epicenter: 1 Post-Nature & 2 Post-Human of Wumin Art Center. 180*240mm, Perfect binding, 2012.

Temporary Storages

A photography book design for photo exhibition Temporary Storages of photographer Joo Hwang. Published by mediabus, 96 Pages, 180*240 mm, Thread-sewn glued binding, 2011

Culture Market Network

A invitation card and book design for Culture Market Network. Book: 180*270mm, 188 Pages, Silk-screen print on cover, Glued binding, Card: 150*210mm, 2010

Stay 72

A book design for the 25th installation group MAGAMNEWS exhibition. 128 Pages, 170*235mm, Glued binding, 2010

Durian Pie Factory Report

A report design for exhibition Durian Pie Factory in Korea and Vietnam. 16 Pages, 210*297mm, Silk-screen print on newsprint, 2010

Micro–Nation Ladonia

National branding design for micro-nation Ladonia. The proposal for Ladonia’s identity attempts to come to terms with its remnants of utopian thought, its precarious contstruction, as well as the question of the potential of micronations to challenge existing conceptions of democracy.Digital print, 170*240mm, 32Pages, 2009